Recoupedrol For post workout recovery

Recoupedrol™ is a highly standardised Fenugreek Extract and is backed by 3 clinical studies. This product is soluble in water which makes it a suitable ingredient for various applications. Toxicity of Recoupedrol™ has been studied for 1 year

Three key areas Recoupedrol™ could assist with:

Recoupedrol™ for Post Work-out Recovery :

A clinical study involving 20 young, healthy, non -resistance trained male and female volunteers was performed on pro inflammatory markers related muscle soreness. The study involved ingestion of 400mg Recoupedrol™ or Placebo for 14 days before exercise. After 24 hours significant reduction in inflammation indicating factor IL-1ra by 13.33% in the group treated with Recoupedrol™

Recoupedrol™ for Joint health:

Recoupedrol™ is a highly pure extract derived from Fenugreek seed which has been tested on 130 arthritis patients in a double-blind placebo-controlled study which resulted in 80% patients reporting 20% improvement in ACR factors such as pain, swelling and tenderness while 40% patients showed 50% improvement in the same factors. After 12 months of treatment with Recoupedrol™ significant improvement in inflammation indicators was reported.

Recoupedrol™ for Anti-aging (topical use):

Recoupedrol™ is here to make your skin glow. Recoupedrol™ is designed to assist with skin elasticity, skin roughness, collagen distribution, wrinkles, and skin hydration.

Anti-aging effects of Recoupedrol™ were studied on facial skin of Women in a monocentric, double blinded placebo controlled randomized study which resulted in significant improvement in skin elasticity, Skin roughness and collagen distribution on day 30 from baseline.