Algal DHA

Introducing alphamega3™ DHA Oil & betamega3™ DHA Powder — vegan, algal DHA ingredients. Fish-free Omega-3, Straight from the Source.

Derived from wild-sourced, sustainable, non-GMO marine microalgae, these ingredients are ideal for heart health, mental health, sports nutrition, children’s nutrition, prenatal and post-natal formulas.

Our Algal DHA boasts a clean, fresh flavour with no fishy smell or taste, making these ingredients highly suitable for all plant-based, vegetarian and vegan applications. With a lower frequency of ‘repeat’ or ‘burpback’ (aka. fishy burps), brands benefit from increased compliance amongst consumers, resulting in higher brand loyalty and repeat purchase.

The superior quality and sensory performance of alphamega3™ makes it an exceptional ingredient for capsules, tablets, gummies and plant-based meat analogues. While the high water-solubility of betamega3™ makes it ideal for powders, functional foods, general foods and beverages.

A few key features of our ingredients are:

  • A high-quality, pure and natural source of vegan Omega-3 DHA from a sustainable micro-algae source: Schizochyrium sp.
  • Cultivated in a closed system with very strict cultural control, ensuring ingredients are free from contaminants commonly found in fish oils and pond-grown algal oils
  • Natural water-based, solvent-free extraction process
  • Cutting edge purification process ensures superior stability and protection from oxidation, resulting in undetectable taste and odour
  • Fermentation & extraction completed in Europe
  • Available in oil & powder form
  • Plant-based, Non-GMO, Allergen Free, Kosher, Halal, GMP